Fun Father’s Day Activities

Father’s Day is a great opportunity for keiki to spend some quality time with dad. This Father’s Day, put down the phone, leave work for another time, and focus on family. Make lasting memories with these fun Father’s Day ideas! Camping For the outdoorsy dad, head over to the Hosmer[Read more]

Smart Choices for Summer Food

Summer healthy eating, chocolate bananas

Focus on Healthy Eating Summer not only marks the passage of another successful school year but is also a time to have fun and focus on healthy eating. Even sweet treats can be good for you if you choose them carefully. “Put slices of banana in the freezer; dip half[Read more]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey there spouses everywhere, listen up! Hands down, most moms just want to sleep in, go to the bathroom in peace for one day, and not have to figure out what’s for dinner. It’s really that simple. But moms also love a thoughtful gift on Mother’s Day. Don’t worry, it[Read more]