Tips for responding to unwanted parenting advice

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailTips for responding to unwanted parenting advice From the moment others know you are pregnant, parenting advice starts flowing.  Nothing can stop it, not even wearing a giant “no parenting advice allowed” sign. A helpful strategy is to “be a duck”— let the advice roll off you like water[Read more]

Simple Ways to Recharge When You Are Feeling Burned Out

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailBurnout happens. A crazy work deadline, a crazy school semester or simply having the in-laws come for a long extended trip; all of these (and so many more of life’s to-dos) can soon have you feeling like a burnt piece of toast. When you feel burned out you suffer,[Read more]

Five Secrets Happy Families Know

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailFive Secrets Happy Families Know Life is a roller coaster, and who better to scream and throw your hands up with than your family? Need to “up” the happy quotient at home? Here are five secrets that happy families know and follow. Give these a try. 1. A family[Read more]

Reasons to Stop Multitasking

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailReasons to Stop Multitasking It used to be common practice to multitask, and in fact, this was even seen as a positive trait. But these days, with all of the technology available to us, we are taking multitasking to a whole other level. We’re feeding our kids while checking[Read more]

Parents: Take Action to Prevent Rat Lungworm Disease

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail Going on scavenger hunts in the backyard or spending the day at the park are favorite past times for many Hawaii families. As parents and caregivers, we know how important it is to keep a careful eye on our keiki as they’re playing on the ground, especially since[Read more]

Productivity Tips to Help You Get It Done

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailProductivity Tips to Help You Get It Done We all have that moment when we look at a neighbor or parent at school and think, “how do they do it?” We’re pretty sure she or he has said that about you too at one time, but if you are[Read more]

Have a Rocking New Years Celebration with Kids

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailHow To Make This New Year A Happy One Late night, adult-only parties, copious amounts of champagne…those New Years parties may be behind you now that you have kids in tow, but having a rocking New Years celebration with kids can be equally (or maybe more) fun! Start the[Read more]

Five Healthy Foods That Fight Stress

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailEveryday stressors can cause a real damper on your energy, attitude and overall health. Two of the best ways to conquer stress are exercise and eating right. Here are five healthy foods that will help you stay positive and stress free, and all of them can be eaten on[Read more]

Letting Go of Perfectionism

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailHow to have a holiday that’s perfect for you  Whether it’s the turkey or the table decorations, most of us have an image of what our holidays should look like. Because it’s “the holidays” we want everything to be perfect. Ironically, that desire actually prevents us from having the[Read more]

How to Beat Holiday Feasting

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailThe holiday season is upon us once again. It’s a fun time for both family and work because everyone is set on having a good time. Family gatherings, office parties and neighborhood festivities bring people closer together to relish in the good lives we have. The holidays can be[Read more]

How to Put Forgiveness Into Practice

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailHow to Put Forgiveness Into Practice When we hold on to bad feelings towards another person, it can leave us with a weight on our shoulders and leak into other parts of our lives. Teaching your children the power of forgiveness now will help them as they get older.[Read more]