Our immune system is how our body fights off all pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxins, and other invaders that do not belong in our body. During a time when there is a barrage of tips on how to take care of our immune system, it is essential to know what can also harm the immune system. Here are five ways you may be putting your body at risk.

Lack of exercise

What better way to bond with your child and to support a robust immune system — exercise. Research shows routinely performing bursts of high-intensity activities is best for building immunity (like swimming, at home high-energy dance parties, or HIIT classes).

Too much sugar

If your sweet child is starting to act more like a sugar monster, you are not alone. Kids today are constantly bombarded with sugar, to the point that many of them are addicted. This is leading to a whole host of problems, including difficulty focusing in school and/or home, a childhood obesity epidemic, and, of course, a weakened immune system. Now, that does not sound sweet!

Not getting enough water

Water makes up 60% of body weight and helps the body to flush out toxins and illnesses. So drink up and make sure your kids do the same.  

Lack of Sleep

Proper sleep is crucial for a robust immune system. Generally, toddlers need 12 hours; children aged three to six – 10-12 hours; seven-12 years olds – 10-11 hours; and teenagers – about eight to nine hours. 

Chronic Stress

Excess stress can harm your immune system, but unfortunately, reducing stress seems to be on the back burner for most people. If you are one of those people, start simply by making it important to laugh. Watch your favorite movie, tell silly, made-up stories with your child, or practice laughing at yourself. 

As you can see, there are things you may be doing that are weakening your immune system but not to worry. Remember to do your best and take small, actionable steps to work towards any one of these areas. 

Me-Shell Mijangos is a health and wellness coach. Learn more at swellnesscoaching.com.

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