The Different Temperaments in Siblings

“I don’t want to, I can’t, I don’t like it, leave me alone.” Ever had a child whose predominant response to everything new (people, school, new activities) seems negative? Is it shyness? Why would one child have mostly negative responses and others take everything in stride, feel good about himself[Read more]

Saving Money for Your Children

There are different ways to save money for your child’s future depending on what type of financial objectives need to be fulfilled. Federal Credit Unions are great ways to begin that process. They have low fees, great service, and a sole purpose to serve its members. Since they are not for profit,[Read more]

Conquer Kid Clutter

Conquer Kid Clutter- The stuff that comes with having kids seems to duplicate in ever astonishing numbers. Between artwork, school papers, toys picked up while on your errand to Town, or clothes and shoes…kids come with a lot of stuff! Here are some ways to tame the clutter monster in[Read more]


OVER $4 MILLION IN SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE FOR HAWAI‘I STUDENTS AT HAWAI‘I COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Students can complete one online application for more than 200 scholarship opportunities  The cost of a college degree has more than doubled in the past ten years and it continues to climb. As a result there is[Read more]

Tips for a Safe Summer

The National Safe Kids Campaign estimates that every year, one in four kids ages 14 and younger will sustain an injury that requires medical attention. Forty percent of those injuries happen between May and August, during the summer. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some simple safety tips that can[Read more]

Summertime is Nature Time

It’s time to get out of the house to explore and create! This Summer, have fun with these ten nature activities you can do with the kids. 1. Play in the mud. Take mud pies to new levels by creating mud cupcakes instead. You only need cupcake liners, a cupcake[Read more]