Spring Cleaning

Spring to it! Follow these easy breezy to-dos to get started on your spring cleaning.

spring cleaningMove the furniture. Even if you put it all right back, move it, and clean under it, behind it and all around it. Then find a new spot for it or move it back. The goal here is to get to all of those dust bunnies that have been hiding. You may get lucky and find a lost slippah or two.

Wash those walls. Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes leave such perfect little prints all over your walls. Kids are always having fun, getting dirty and sometimes even climbing the walls. Take the time during spring cleaning to wash your walls. Use a solution of two parts vinegar, one part baking soda and three parts warm water. Wipe down with the solution and then rinse with clean water. Add in some essential oils to make the house smell delightful. Be sure to test a spot first.

Crash your closet. Go through your closet and clean out anything that you haven’t worn in the past year. Unless it’s vintage or your wedding dress, get rid of it. Make room for new finds and donate the old. Do this before taxes and you may be up for a little tax deduction action. Talk to your accountant about how donating goods can help with deductions.

Cause a kitchen commotion. Empty out every single cabinet in your kitchen. Do them one by one so you don’t get overwhelmed. Empty the contents and wipe each shelf. Re-organize as you go. If you think your dishes would be better placed low so the kids can help set the table, make the move. Continue emptying and cleaning each cabinet until all are done. Throw away any food in the pantry that’s expired.

Fridge fun. Much like what you did for your cabinets, clean out your refrigerator and wipe each shelf down. Get rid of old condiments that may have spoiled. Also be sure to go through your freezer and get rid of anything that resembles an iceberg or shows signs of freezerburn.