Be truthful, are you a worrier? We all worry from time to time, it’s normal. But when worrying becomes your go-to feeling, then it’s time to put into action some fun, simple and easy ways to kick that worrying habit to the curb.

Get it out

Grab a piece of paper, a journal or the back of an old piece of mail, anything that will give you room to get those worries out. Sometimes writing out what’s bothering you can help bring you to a solution faster. We’ve all heard of creating pros and cons to a decision. The same can go for our worries. Sometimes when we write things down in black and white they become clearer and the fog of worry gets lifted. Don’t worry, (haha) this is your piece of paper or journal, it doesn’t need to be perfect or grammatically correct, just let the thoughts flow and it may lead you to a happier place.

Get out

Going for a walk can help with all sorts of ailments. Studies show that going for just a thirty minute walk can ease depression as much as taking depression medicine. You can get fresh air and your heart rate pumping by increasing your activity outside. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a long outing. Fifteen minutes of fresh air and movement from your body can do a whole lot of good and ease the worries.

Think positive

It’s easier said than done, especially if you have events going on in your life that are stressful such as illness or money worries. But using positive affirmations to create your own oasis of a worry-free zone can be as easy as changing negative thoughts to positive ones.Think of all of the things you are thankful for; family, health, the beauty of this gorgeous island of Maui. Surround yourself with images that can cause you to smile, such as a sunset or your child’s face. Use these tools to choose the happy life, not the worried life. Most of all, don’t get down on yourself if you seem to be in worry mode. Just acknowledge it, work through it and tell yourself that it’s done.