Giving birth to a baby is one of the most beautiful and memorable moments in a mother’s life. But the experience, often painful and stressful, can leave the mother feeling physically and emotionally depleted. To help get your body back to its healthy, vibrant state, you can try some of the following.

Take your symptoms seriously

Whether it’s dizziness, lack of sleep, or headaches, know that depletion can take different forms. Some may be quick fixes, others may be difficult to diagnose. However you’re feeling, pay attention and get the attention you need.

See your doctor

Ask specifically to get your blood work done so you can find out the root cause of your symptom. Be your own advocate at the doctors office, if you feel there is some resistance on your doctor’s part to getting the tests done.

Sleep well

Getting rest can be tricky for new mothers. Disruption in sleep at night can wreck havoc during the day. Take cat naps if you need, or raise your feet to help your body and mind relax. The dishes can wait, guests can prepare their own food. Put yourself first and see sleep as an absolute must. This is no time to be supermom.

Eat nutritious food

Fill your body with food to replace the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body has used up. Forget about losing the baby fat, too. This is not the time to be losing weight. You need the calories for you and for the breast milk for your baby.


Drink, drink, drink. Water will revitalize your body and help your energy level. Try adding vitamin or mineral packets for the extra boost that you need. This applies whether you’re nursing or not.

While taking care of a new born is all a mother wants to do, remember that taking care of yourself is only to your baby’s benefit. It’s much easier to be the mother you want to be when you are vibrant and healthy.