Setting New Years Resolutions and Five Ways to Make Them Stick

Okay, okay, we all do it. The New Year approaches and we set out to conquer our resolutions. But many times those resolutions simply don’t take, and by February they are a distant memory. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

While nearly 40 percent of us set resolutions, research from the University of Scranton suggests that just 8 percent of people achieve their New Years goals. That’s a whole lotta resolutions going unreached!

Want to be part of that 8 percent who actually achieve their resolution? Start with these five simple steps below.

1. Set realistic goals

When setting your resolutions, make them small and attainable. Make your goal something that is doable and clear. Rather than making your goal “to drink more water” or “lose weight,” set goals that are clear, concise and attainable, such as “I will drink four glasses of water every day” or “I will lose ten pounds by March 1st.” Setting specific goals will allow you to keep better track of your progress.

2. Shout it to the world

Once you’ve set an attainable goal, share it with friends and family. By telling your aspirations to the world, you have now set your own accountability and created a support network to make sure you get there.

3. Get support

Now that you’ve told the world about your resolution or goal, find a group of friends or family to act as a support group. Everyone in the group can share their goals and then help to keep each other on track. Check in with your group once a week to share how your progress is going. Check-ins can be in person, via email, or even just on social media.

4. Make it visual

To help you achieve your goal, create a vision board or hang a photo that will inspire you to continue to work towards it. If you are looking to drink more water, hang a reminder note on your computer so that while you work, you send yourself a gentle reminder to fill up on H2O. If you want to lose weight, perhaps it would help to place a photo on your fridge of a cute dress or of an upcoming vacation to remind you of your goal.

5. Keep track of goals

Goal charts are not just for kids. Use a simple piece of paper or calendar to keep track of how you’re doing on your goals daily. If you are trying to lose weight, keep a food and exercise journal. Seeing what you are putting into your body and how much exercise you are doing will help you get to the finish line.