“The Art of Sphere” Contest

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail“The Art of Sphere” Contest to Benefit Local Schools,Commemorate  Maui Ocean Center’s Sphere 1st Anniversary On February 10, 2020, the Maui Ocean Center will celebrate the first anniversary of its Humpbacks of Hawai‘i Exhibit & Sphere. The Sphere not only saw over a quarter of a million viewers in[Read more]

Tips to Prevent Student Burnout

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailTips to Prevent Student Burnout Student burnout is a real phenomenon. Its symptoms are varied and can include fatigue, headaches, and depression. If you are concerned your child is showing some of these signs, encourage him or her to follow some of these suggestions: Do something physical. Encourage your[Read more]

Hidden Playground Parasites

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail Playgrounds offer kids a safe place to enjoy the outdoors and play together. However, hidden parasites that you are unaware of may be lurking at the local park. One of the main places germs reside is in sandboxes. According to a report on cbsnews.com, “Unlike playground equipment or[Read more]

Helping A Quiet Child Bloom

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail The dilemma with parenting the quiet child is when to let your child take the lead and how much to push them past their comfort zone. Often shy children have a desire to try new experiences but the experience may evoke large feelings that overwhelm them. As such,[Read more]

Robust Attachment With Your Child

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailHow To Foster Robust Attachment With Your Child Your relationship with your child creates the platform for all of your child’s future relationships. It’s simple and yet overwhelming. Our goal as a parent is to foster “secure attachment” with our child. This means that your child feels emotionally secure[Read more]

How the Brain Works

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailHow understanding three threats to the brain can help your Keiki. With so many opinions, social norms and parenting styles, it is not uncommon for parents to feel lost, at some point, during their parenting journey. In understanding how the brain works parents can have a better understanding of[Read more]

Need help paying for preschool?

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailChoosing a preschool is an exciting time as you watch your child develop. However,  preschool is not inexpensive and many families find themselves struggling to cover the cost associated with this big first step of preparing your child for the future. Fortunately there are some resources to help. The[Read more]

Ways to Stop Worrying

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailBe truthful, are you a worrier? We all worry from time to time, it’s normal. But when worrying becomes your go-to feeling, then it’s time to put into action some fun, simple and easy ways to kick that worrying habit to the curb. Get it out Grab a piece[Read more]

Choosing the Right School For You and Your Child

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailChoosing the right school can be a daunting task. Here are some ways to find the right one for you and your child. Maui Family Magazine has created a wonderful resource for you to see the schools on Maui and then find the right one for your child. Be[Read more]