Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailBaby blues occurs in 70% of all new mothers within the third or fourth day after birth. Symptoms include crying for no reason, irritability, restlessness and anxiety. Postpartum Depression is different and more debilitating, occurring in 1 out of 10 mothers. The onset of symptoms usually begin days after[Read more]


Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailYou’ve heard that it’s good for you. You’ve heard that it’s good for baby. You’ve probably also heard that it saves both lives AND money. But what do you need to make the choice to breastfeed, and how can you fulfill your breastfeeding goals? In honor of World Breastfeeding[Read more]

Sing To Your Baby

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail“Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.” ~ Lou Rawls Communicating with your baby through song creates a special bond between the two of you. It makes no[Read more]

Pediatric Acupuncture

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail  Acupuncture isn’t all needles. It can be an alternative way to address colic, common colds, asthma,earaches, eczema and more. Acupuncture needles for children?…YES!!! You can treat children with needles quite effectively, and no… it isn’t ouchie. However, in Oriental medicine, we usually administer treatment without needles using a[Read more]

Baby-Friendly Superfoods

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemail Supporting your baby’s health with nutritious food from the start is important for his or her growth and development. In addition to breast milk or baby formula, when your baby reaches around six months of age, your pediatrician may recommend feeding him or her solids that are age-appropriate.[Read more]

Turn Your Toddler’s NO Into Yes

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailTurn Your Toddler’s NO Into Yes Dear Dr. Heather, Our 2-year-old is so different all of a sudden – she says “NO” to all of the things she used to love! Last weekend, we asked her if she wanted to go to the beach – her favorite place. She[Read more]

Play with Play Dough and Sand

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailPlay with Play Dough and Sand and Begin the Love of Learning: To exercise my imagination. Concepts of size, shape, and volume, empty and full. How to use tools. Concepts of warm and cool, wet, damp and dry, heavy and light. How to play socially with others. To create[Read more]

Holidays With a New Baby

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailIf you have a new baby during the holidays, you may be torn between keeping traditions and catching up on some much needed sleep. As you prepare for the holidays with a new baby, these tips may help alleviate unnecessary pressure from your life, allowing you to still enjoy[Read more]

Infant Massage

infant massage

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailThe ancient art of massage has been practiced by many cultures around the world for centuries, and not just on adults. In Hawaii, lomilomi (healing massage) has been used on both mother and child after birth, especially when babies had stomach ailments.  In recent years, we’ve seen a resurgence[Read more]

Get Crafty This Holiday Season!

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailTODDLER CRAFTS FOR CHRISTMAS Get the keiki involved this holiday season with fun, easy-to-make crafts they’ll love! Christmas Cinnamon Ornaments You’ll need: 1. 1 cup applesauce 2. 1 ounce cinnamon 3. 1 ounce ground cloves 4. 1 ounce ground nutmeg 5. 1 ounce ground ginger 6. Cinnamon for the cutting board Combine[Read more]

Creating Halloween Memories

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailCreating Halloween Memories Traditions are fun and they create memories, and they also help you with the planning process. Traditions during Halloween are no different. Here are some easy ways to start Halloween traditions and help you with the planning. 1. Head to the dentist. Yup, the dentist. Halloween[Read more]

Not-So-Secrets For A Great Birth

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestPrintemailPeople are always asking, “How do I get through labor?” They want to know about the latest fad that will magically make their labor effortless and easy. First, labor is hard work; that’s why it’s called labor. That doesn’t mean that it can’t still be an amazing experience. Luckily,[Read more]