Seabury Hall’s 44th Annual Craft Fair

Seabury Hall’s 44th Annual Craft Fair Offers Family Fun for Mother’s Day Weekend Come rain or shine, Seabury Hall’s Annual Craft Fair will create a brighter future for its scholarship recipients while providing family entertainment, boutique shopping and a wide array of food booths on Saturday, May 13, the day[Read more]

Dynamite Dinner

Make dinner fun again and create a tight-knit family with these easy tips! Crafty Cooking It’s Sunday and the dreaded weekly grocery shopping is about to commence. Instead of heading to the store and guessing what you will need plan ahead and make a list. Put a twist on spaghetti[Read more]

Local Artist Has Many Talents

Many locals know Riki for her amazing “Balloon Twisting” skills. An extremely versatile and long-time professional artist, Riki has done murals, paintings, commercial designs, portraits, illustrations, and sculptures. She prefers doing art that lets her share her gifts interactively. Riki is thrilled to introduce her newest passion – Personal “Sand[Read more]

11th Annual Whale Tales

Join top scientists, photographers and filmmakers at the 11th Annual Whale Tales, February 24 – 27th at The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua. Event highlights include: Family day featuring the IMAX film Humpback Whales and a whale watch with the experts, Maui premiere of the new IMAX film, National Parks Adventure by McGillivray Freeman[Read more]