About Us

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Maui Family Magazine is here to inform, celebrate and participate in the nurturing and guidance of Maui’s children by helping parents and families with information on health, safety, education, and current events. Our magazine is printed as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter editions.

Maui is a big island and the different areas, Kihei, Kahului, Lahaina, Upcountry, Haiku, Hana, and Wailuku are somewhat separated from each other. It’s easy for families to stay close to home and not venture out to other parts of the island unless it’s for a large event. Maui Family Magazine wants to keep Maui’s families connected and involved. As a result, our island will continue to embody the “small town” feel and closeness that attracts us all, as it inevitably grows larger. We all live on Maui for it’s special lifestyle and Maui Family Magazine wants to keep that attitude, philosophy, intention and dream intact.