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  1. Hi, I’m looking for homeschooling groups grades 3 and 6 in Maui. Any suggestions?
    Or if there are any Independent Study Schools on Maui?

    All the best!,
    Emi Kawakita

  2. Aloha Homeschool Community,
    I am originally from Molokai, went into the Army, and now I am wanting to move back home. My wife and I have two daughters ages 11 and 9. We have been homeschooling for years due to our Military Career. We have always been a part of a Homeschooling group and several coops depending on where we were stationed.
    My question is how big of a homeschooling community (families) is there on Maui, how supportive is Maui with homeschooling and How active is the community with activities etc?

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