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Maui Family Magazine is a trusted resource that informs, supports, and enriches families throughout Maui. Every issue of Maui Family Magazine offers busy families easy access to parenting ideas, local events, classes, education, health, and fun family activities.

Maui Family Magazine is printed quarterly in Spring (Feb, March, April), Summer (May, June, July), Fall (Aug, Sept, Oct), and Winter (Nov, Dec, Jan) editions. Make your brand known to families all over the island by advertising with us.

Let us connect you to those Maui Families who make the buying decisions for both their household and their business through creative advertising offerings like print advertising, dedicated email blasts, website, and email banner ads, sponsored content, social media, or a custom campaign to suit your unique marketing needs.

Please contact Alma at [email protected] or at 808-250-2990 to discuss marketing opportunities and custom solutions that can connect your brand with the abundant Maui Family community.

Space: 6 weeks prior to issue date
Art: 5 weeks prior to issue date

TARGET: Maui Family targets all of Maui’s families who have children living at home. Magazines are sent home in the backpacks of children that attend public and private elementary schools and preschools. Maui Family Magazine is also distributed in a wide variety of grocery, retail, County parks, and medical professional locations. Distribution locations.

IMPACT: Our editorial/advertising ratio is not higher than 50%. Your ad will not get lost. Your message is surrounded by quality editorial that adds to your message. Maui Family Magazine’s website gives families 24/7 access to events, calendar, family fun activities, health, education, parenting tips and so much more! Digital copies of the magazine are also available. Connect with our Fans on Facebook and our followers on Twitter and Instagram. Creating word of mouth at www.facebook.com/mauifamily and twitter@mauifamily and www.instagram.com/mauifamilymagazine

LOCAL: Maui Family Magazine’s editorial content is especially relevant to family life in the local community. Readers look forward to hearing what local and national experts have to say on parenting, education, health and more. Local events and activities are also a favorite part of our magazine. Our calendar of events ensures that readers keep the magazine in active use for months. Our informational coverage entices readers to refer to the magazine frequently as they plan birthday parties, look for after-school activities, and more.

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