Celebrate spring with these adorable Spring Egg Suncatchers. Fun, easy, messy-free, and just too cute in the window with the sun shining through. Made from clear contact paper and torn tissue these colorful eggs are a perfect craft for all ages.

Let’s gather a few simple supplies:

  • Clear Contact Paper (we got ours at Walmart)
  • Any Bright Colored Tissue Paper
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Scissors

Now let’s get crafty! This easy project has just four simple steps:

Step 1: Tear tissue paper into strips. You can make the paper strips thick or thin.

Step 2: Cut two rectangles of clear contact paper the same size. You’ll cut these into egg shapes later so they can be whatever size you like. It’s fun to make different sizes.

Step 3: Lay the tissue paper strips across the contact paper – you can overlap the strips or leave gaps. Either will look great and make each suncatcher unique. Once your tissue strips are in place, lay the second piece of contact paper over the top to secure it.

Step 4: Draw an egg shape and cut it out. Snip a piece of ribbon to hang, and WOW you’re done! You will love how brightly the colors blend where the tissue overlaps.

Tasha Compos is the owner of ARTLab Maui in Kihei offering art classes from 1-years old to adult. To learn more, visit artlabmaui.com.