For every baby growing, there is a mama in vibrant bloom.

For every baby born, a mama herself is reborn in that sacred room.

Becoming a mom invites you to become more of who you truly are. This role is a magnifier of all the energy that already surges within you. As a wildly beautiful force of nature, you are transforming through constant growth and change. While parts of you are incubating and yet to sprout, others are blooming, and still others are shedding their flowering petals in completion.

Embrace the tiny teacher in your arms designed as a mirror for your soul. Here, in this magnificent garden party era, your baby reflects back an undeniable sense of purpose for your life.

Cultivate curiosity. Get your hands dirty with the seeds available to prosper your emotional health can be fun and playful. Cultivate a curiosity for nature which allows you to drop into fascination and flow. Focus on harmonizing with a sense of childlike wonder to expand your world. It connects you to all that is surrounding and sustaining you. 

Nourish through movement. Nourish your roots through movement which embodies a reverence for your physical form. Movement as medicine becomes an innate mantra for the way your body carries and supports your continual becoming. 

Surrender to stillness. Develop the skill of stillness—it gifts you the ability to hear your truths more clearly. Here, you can discern the whispers emerging from your inner knowing. This aligns you with a strong sense of prioritizing and protecting your peace. Finding the appropriate balance of creating to consuming requires time and patience. Clarity results from the devoted practice of pruning your inner landscape to fertilize your intentions and ambitions.

Notice your fears. Express your fears and weed them from the soil of your mind will give way for the seeds of faith planted to flourish. Simultaneously, you will release any power your fears once held over you.   

Grow on, mama. Whatever you choose to water will thrive. What loving actions are available to tend to your garden with gratitude? In what ways might living into your glorious existence inspire and elevate other mamas?  

Dr. Anik  Cockroft is the creator of Mama Mindset®, a Board Certified Pediatrician and Sports Medicine Physician.  Her favorite athletes are Mamas.  She is passionate about adventuring within and beyond our reef with her husband, 3 keiki (and herself newly postpartum!) and beloved husky boy.  You can find her at