What most professionals would consider a lip or tongue tie is the restriction in the oral tissues creating a  functional deficit—inability to latch, trouble creating suction on the breast, issues digesting, palate formation, pain while nursing, etc. Just about every mama these days has heard of a “lip or a tongue tie.” It seems to always be “the reason” for the symptoms you’re having.

However, here at Living Adjusted Family Wellness Center,  we’re asking different questions. 

Restrictions within the oral cavity are intimately connected to the midline structures. The tissues of the mouth and palate, are embryologically derived from the same tissue that created your spinal cord. That is the specific system we are addressing when doing chiropractic bodywork with your baby.  

Babes are designed to suck, swallow, breathe, sleep and poop. As we say here on Maui, “kau kau, moe  moe, doo doo, a hana hou.” Simultaneously, we grow and expand more in the first year of life than we do in the rest of our years combined. 

What are we doing on a  physical level when we bring the scalpel (or laser) to these tissues? What is the purpose of these  “vessels” or areas? What’s happening around the oral cavity? The rest of the body? What is the oral tissue connected to? How is it presenting?  

Any strain in tissue or tautness will create an alteration in the communication through our body’s tissues. The world of lip and tongue tie is no different.

One of the primary things we’re noticing today in our keiki, are their bodies in flexion. Chronic flexion.  Causing overall fascial/neurologic restriction. Is the lip and tongue tie a reason for the tight bodies? Or a result? 

The world of lip and tongue tie is very young in its allopathic existence. The question is, how will we respond? Will we take a holistic, whole-body approach? Or witness our babies continue the path of restriction? Let’s take the chance to change the narrative. 

Molly Stiens, DC is the founder of Living Adjusted. Visit livingadjusted.om to learn more.