Making sure your home is prepared for a newborn is a must-do for parents. After nesting for nine months, most moms and dads are eager to spend time getting to know their baby in a comfortable and harmonious environment. Here’s a checklist to do just that, plus a few items you may have overlooked. 

Finger food. Stock up your fridge, especially if you plan to nurse. Fill with healthy, easy-to-grab foods for you like nuts, veggies, fruit, cheese sticks, and protein bars. Make room for a snack basket in your pantry or your fridge for yourself and your kids so they can help themselves if you’re with the baby and can’t get up right away.

Clean floors. You and your baby will be on the floor for tummy time, diaper changes, and playtime on a baby mat. All of these activities will get you up close and personal with your carpet and rugs, so consider giving them a good clean by calling in the professionals. If your wallet allows it, buy a new rug or carpet – you won’t regret it!

Black-out-curtains. Dark or black-out curtains might be your new best friend. They can help soothe you and baby and can be a cue for baby for nap time. What mom doesn’t love to prolong a deep, rejuvenating period of rest, quiet time, or sleep?

Safety. Before you know it, your baby will be moving and getting into everything. Make sure anything that isn’t safe for baby is either removed, locked up or out of reach. Remove delicate items off table tops, cover outlets, and use baby gates to limit movement. Kids love to empty containers and cabinets, so install locks (including the fridge!) where needed.

Baby video monitor. These gadgets may be more pricey than non-video monitors, but they do give parents the added reassurance that their loved one is safe when they’re quiet. They’re also perfect for the middle of the night when the last thing you want to do is leave your own bed. With this monitor, you simply roll over and take a peek at your baby.—RG

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