Since 1978, Americans have been celebrating the wisdom of grandparents on Grandparents’ Day. That’s thanks to West Virginia mother Marian Lucille Herndon, who successfully campaigned for legislation creating a special day just for them. To honor the elders in your family and make them feel loved and appreciated, here are a few thoughts for you to ponder.

Strong values. A great gift that grandparents pass on to their grandchildren is a strong sense of their beliefs and values. Start a dialogue with the family about what’s important to them and what keeps them grounded as human beings. Perhaps practicing faith or devoting time to community service are core values to a grandmother and grandpa. This exercise in sharing can be enlightening and empowering for different generations.

Practical Advice. Grandparents are often good at saving money. How else do you think these world-class budgeters find the means to spoil their grandchildren? Some of their good money habits are investing in stocks for the long haul, rather than cashing in early, doing without luxuries such as flashy cars and expensive holidays. Learn through their example by spending wisely and saving intentionally.

Set your intention. Grandparents have lived long enough to know how purpose can help with attaining goals. Whether it’s a small, short-term goal like preparing a new recipe you’ve never tried, or a big goal such as attracting more like-minded people in your life, setting your intention is a powerful tool. Take a leaf out of their book by focusing on what you desire and stay committed to seeing it through.

Showing respect. This is a big one with our elders. Think about what it means to be respectful and how exactly you and your children can show it. Maybe it’s as simple as choosing loving, kind words when conversing with them or anticipating when they may need help around the house. Caring words and actions go a long way in a respectful, meaningful relationship with our loved ones.

Grandparents gain an abundance of wisdom and experience during their lifetimes. Honor them this year by celebrating how rich your lives are because of their contribution to your family and the world at large.