Pumpkin season is upon us! It’s time to celebrate one of America’s superfruits. And if you’re ready for a new pumpkin activity this fall, here are a few fun ideas for the entire family.

Pumpkin face mask. Pumpkin is packed with vitamins like A and D, zinc, and antioxidants. This powerful combination will smooth out your skin and could prevent age spots and wrinkles. Simply mix two tablespoons of fresh pumpkin puree, one teaspoon of raw honey, one egg, and three drops of frankincense essential oil. Beat the egg and then add the other ingredients. Apply the paste to your clean skin and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes for a healthy glowing complexion.

Pumpkin bird feeder. Bring nature a little closer to your house by making a bird feeder in a few easy steps. First, cut a pumpkin in half and scoop out the inside. Rinse the seeds and set them aside to dry. Next, fill the hollow half with birdseed and the dry pumpkin seeds. Remember, there’s no need to flavor the seeds; birds will eat them as is. Lastly, place the feeder on a sturdy tree branch or leave it out on the lanai and enjoy the view!

Whip up pumpkin purée. Pumpkin purée is a great way to use the flesh of your pumpkin. Start by setting your pumpkin cut-side down in a baking dish with about a cup of water and bake until tender. Then, scoop out the flesh and puree it in a food processor. Once the pumpkin is puréed, it’s ready for use in all your favorite pumpkin recipes, from soups to pies to pancakes. Any extra can be stored in the freezer – perfect for cooking up a Thanksgiving treat.

Pumpkin playtime. Keep the fall festivities going by using your leftover pumpkins. Try pumpkin bowling by filling plastic bottles with water and placing them up in a 10-pin triangle. Take turns rolling your pumpkin bowling-ball-style to see who can knock down the most bottles. Or host your own pumpkin-chunkin catapult event in your yard by inviting neighbors over for a chance to send your pumpkins flying through the air.

Refresh this fall season by getting creative with your pumpkins. It’s a great way to get family and friends together for some good old fashioned fun. You never know, you might start some new long-lasting traditions!-RH