Halloween is around the corner and if you’re drawing a blank on a fantastic costume for your kids (or yourself!), we’re here to help. While it is often easier to just pick up a costume at the store, you likely have many of the materials lying around your home or readily available otherwise.

Your closet

First, turn to your current wardrobe to see what you might use as a starting point. A basic outfit with just the right accessories and makeup can transform an ordinary garment into something entirely iconic.

Classic Halloween

Try wearing black from head to toe and simply add key details. Don a witch’s hat and spice it up with a green or orange wig and matching nails. Put on cat ears and a little face paint for a black cat. Stretch white web used for decor onto yourself and strategically place spiders throughout the web and in your hair.

Pop culture

What’s everyone talking about right now? Tune into the news and be inspired to create a costume that reflects current times. Whether it’s a silly celebrity, athletes you admire (think Olympics!), or a trendy show people love to gossip about, you’ll find a headline-worthy costume idea.

Natural world

Kids love dressing up as their favorite animal, insect, or flower. Antennas can be fashioned onto a headband with pipe cleaners and bend metal hangers and cover with tulle to create wings. Depending on how you style these can determine whether you’re a ladybug, butterfly, or bee.

Future self

Doctor. Scientist. Astronaut. Teacher. Let your kid imagine who they’d like to be when they grow up. They will likely already have plenty of options to add to their costume and if not, any new items would be perfect for dressing up after Halloween is long over.

Costume swap

Swapping costumes or sharing hand me downs is a great way to stretch the life of a costume. You can also ask friends for common accessories like wigs and hats. Make the costume yours by adding personal touches.

Get into the Halloween spirit this year and wow everyone with your next costume creation. Kids are particularly fun to brainstorm with so take the opportunity to let your imagination run wild with theirs to create a spooktacular costume they won’t forget.