Learning to Chill

Learning to Chillchill

“Slow down. This ain’t the Mainland” is a quote often seen on the Hawaiian Islands. For those of us who live on Maui, doing life on “island time” is more feasible than in other parts of the world, but we still face daily struggles that cause stress levels to rise and we need to incorporate tools into our lives to learn how to “chill,” i.e. slow down and relax.

Breathe. Take a moment to slowly breathe in, slowly breathe out. Some find it difficult to even stop for a minute to focus onthe simple act of breathing. However, breathing techniques may help detoxify your body, release tension, relieve pain, strengthen your immune system and relieve stress, among other benefits. Go ahead, just breathe….

Walk. Learning to chill could be as simple as taking a brisk walk. Studies show that exercise helps one not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. An added bonus: if you walk outside you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy fresh air.

Dance. Go ahead, get up and dance. It’s hard to stay tied up in anxiety when you’re dancing to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. I dare you to try it!

Pray. Stopping to pray (or meditate) allows us to remember that life is more than the single worry or fear or frustration we may face. We are made for a greater purpose and praying centers one’s soul on the grandeur of life, and the beautiful gifts that surround us: a child’s laughter, a loving dog, a stunning sunrise…they are all gifts to us!

Journal. Keeping a gratitude journal is another way to learn how to relax. Counting your blessings and joys give you a deeper appreciation for life, allowing you to relax more easily. 

Whatever way you choose to chill, know that you are in the best place in the world to do so…you truly can “relax…this ain’t the Mainland!”