The number of summer camps on offer nowadays can be overwhelming. Having a choice can work in your and your keiki’s favor, but how do you narrow it down?

Consider the following tips in choosing a camp suitable for your keiki.

Comfort or challenge

Some keiki prefer to play within their own comfort zone. An activity that is familiar to them and that they may already be successful with, might be a better match for your keiki. On the other hand, your keiki may be open to stepping into a new activity because they want to be challenged. Either way, consulting them and finding out what they need, can save a lot of tears later on.

Camp hours

Consider your keiki’s nature and tolerance level. Long days in the sun for a two-week period might be too much. Your keiki may benefit from a shorter camp that involves quiet, indoor activities. Taking into account their personality can help narrow down the choice. Also, you may need to enroll help from family or friends if your work schedule conflicts with camp hours.

Camp size and age group

Some camps offer small group activities, while others involve larger groups with keiki of varying ages. It’s worth asking the organizers ahead of time about the camp size and age group of the camp goers. Another good question to ask is the ratio of camp leader to keiki. Remember, finding out as much as possible about the smaller details can only benefit your keiki’s camp experience.

Costs breaks

If the cost of a camp is beyond your means, ask if they offer financial aid or a sliding scale for payment. Many organizations offer discounts, and with a little research, you may be able to choose the perfect camp for your wallet.

Knowing what your keiki needs, asking the right questions, and making adjustments to your schedule as needed, will help you find the perfect camp for your keiki. At the end of the day, a happy camper makes for happy parents!