Summer Calls for Crafts

School may be out and days may be spent mostly at the beach but that’s no reason why you can bring the beach home with a little craft time.

Here’s a fun activity for the kids to try at home in between jaunts to the sand.

Kids love to play in the waves at the beach so they will love making waves at home. Don’t worry, this won’t get your bathroom drenched or cause a typhoon of trouble.

To make waves in a bottle, gather the following list of items:

1. A clear plastic water bottle – filled with about 60% water

2. Baby oil

3. Blue food coloring

4. Glitter (this is optional)

Here’s the fun and easy part – that your older kids can do themselves!

Add all of the ingredients to the water in the bottle. Be sure to add them in this order: blue food coloring, glitter and then baby oil.

Close the bottle tight and let your kids move the water back and forth while on its side. They will ooh and ahh over the sparkly waves.

Note! If you don’t want little hands to open up the ocean on your living room floor, you can super glue the cap on when you close it. Now go have fun and get crafty! SB