Rock the Next Fundraiser by Going Social


fundraising“Parents are learning that fundraising and volunteering are now part of the job we take on as parents.” – Sarah Barrett, author of A Mom’s Guide to Fundraising

Whether for a public school, private school or for some kind of sports team or club, it’s pretty probable that you will have to help your child do some sort of fundraising at one time.

From selling magazines to wrapping paper to holding large benefits or carnivals, here are three tech tips you can use to rock your next fundraising benefit.

1. Create an event on Facebook.

These days everyone is on Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends. Share your fundraising event (even ones that are virtual) on Facebook by creating an event and “inviting” your friends to join. To do this: Head to your Facebook home page, click on “events” in the left side column. Click on “create an event” and then follow the steps. Invite your friends via the “Invite Friend” button and you are done!

2. Throwing a benefit with an auction?

Use a site such as to allow your auction to go global. By opening the bidding to online, friends and family (hey Grandma!) can bid on goods and help support your keiki or school.

3. Blog it.

If your school or club has a blog or website, be sure to share all of the particulars of the fundraiser in a blog post. Make it easy for others to share and encourage parents who are socially connected to share it on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to also share how the event went in a follow up blog post. Share photos and name your sponsors to give them some online love. Seeing how you share the event online could help you gain more sponsors for the next time you run your fundraiser.