Teacher-parent conferences are short and offer you only a few minutes to talk to one of the most important adults in your child’s life. So what parent teacher conference questions do you ask? Or perhaps you should let the teacher lead?

Think of a parent-teacher conference much like an annual check up at your doctors. Go armed with any questions or concerns you have and have them written down. Think of any questions you’ve had over the past few months.

Instead of jumping in with your questions, let the teacher lead. She or he may answer your questions as they report how your child is doing or they may bring up new ones.

Don’t be afraid to take notes during your conference, especially if you are going it alone. Notes will help you remember important things once back at home.

Make sure communication doesn’t stop once the parent/teacher conference is over. Here are three key ways to make sure communication is open between you and your child’s teacher:

  1. Be sure to talk with your child’s teacher about how they communicate key things. For example, if your child gets hurt, do they call you or send home a note?
  2. How does your child’s teacher want to be reached? Is it ok to stop by after school? Or is a note sent in your child’s bag best? Be sure to ask and then do your best to go with their system of communication with parents.
  3. Does your child’s teacher use email to communicate? Sometimes email is the best way to share detailed information quickly. If email is easier for you, let him or her know. These days many schools communicate with the parents via email.

Parent-teacher communication is a two-way street. Remember to set ground rules, listen and then ask questions.