We live in the tropics next to a crystal clear ocean full of sea life.  We might as well have fun with it. We don’t realize that we have the natural elements that everyone around the world is trying to duplicate in their own fish tank.

Get a fish tank from a garage sale, friend or a pet store and just fill it with salt water and insert an air pump to circulate air. You’re done. You now have a salt water fish tank. Just change out the water once a week and start  learning about ocean creatures. t’s just a matter of going to the beach and collecting the small critters that will create a little water world.

Docks are great at night with a flash light when you can catch little minnows that will grow into Sergeant Majors. The whole family can take afternoon excursions to find treasures. You might find a beautiful empty shell, sand, or seaweed with some dead coral. It’s a learning experience for the family. Sometimes one creature will eat another, but ater a while you’ll know what works and what doesn’t.