Our calendar is already marked! September 30, 2011 – we’re going to the Maui Fair!  And we’re very excited about it.  The Maui Fair is on from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2nd 2011. We might even go there twice.  Are you going?

Maui County Fair

What is a Maui Fair?  It’s basically the same as the Maui County Fair, it just got a new name to represent a fresh start. There were some changes in the board and administration, but it’s all for good. In the end, it’s still the same fun family event the Maui families love and come to year after year.

Maui COunty Far

Going to the fair is one of my favorite family fun activities. I think it’s a great “memory maker” for the whole family. Sure, it can sometimes be hot, dusty when you come during the day. Sure, it can get quite expensive when you start adding up the expense of ticket rides, food, and craft fair purchases. But even with the dust and the expense, for me it’s worth it.  I just look at the smiles on my kids faces and the delight in their eyes as we walk into the fair,  I just listen to the laughter we share – not only with family but also with friends – then I know that the time and money at the Maui Fair is well worth it. It has become a local family tradition, not only for our family, but for the entire Maui community as well.

Maui County Fair 3

There are many fun things to do at the Maui Fair.  Let me share some of our favorite things here, and feel free to chime in and let us know some of the favorite things you do. You may write it in the comment section below.

* The parade – The community participation is commendable. It’s the biggest parade on Maui. This year’s parade is on Sept. 29 and it starts at 4:30 PM.

* Kids would vote “the rides” for sure.  Buying the wrist band is the way to go.  What is your favorite ride? See you at the “Joy Zone”.

* All of us like the ono grinds – the chow fun, cascaron, cotton candy, etc. What’s is your favorite food to buy?

* The exhibits in the Wailuku Gym is always spectacular. I am especially fond of the orchids and bonsai exhibits. But there’s  more: photo gallery, arts and crafts, agriculture display, etc.

Then there’s the entertaiment booth,  the community service tent, contests and jumping castles.

But one of the best part, really, is seeing friends there. Laughing, talking stories, it’s all part of the Maui Fair celebration. It’s a community affair. It’s a tradition. Don’t miss it! For details, you can visit the MAUI FAIR website.