By Lee Tocho, CHT

“Hypnotherapy has been effective for helping children overcome bed wetting, nail-biting, phobias, stammering, asthma, tics, and behavioral problems associated with tension, stress and other difficulties.”

– Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, PhD, Retired U.S. Army

Every parent wants their child to succeed. That success is often dependent upon skills the child learns in school.

Modern educational constraints frequently dictate medication to keep children “non-disruptive”; but, is that prescription refillable for a lifetime? Shouldn’t there be a way to increase attention span without pharmaceuticals?

Learning some subjects may require overcoming unknown obstacles planted in the child’s mind much earlier. Lack of physical skills often adds frustration rather than positively supplementing the child’s educational experience. Low self-esteem can be the gateway for bullying and social difficulties.

Focusing in class, overcoming blocks to learning, getting the mind and body to work together or learning to feel good about your uniqueness originate in the sub-conscious.

Hypnotherapy opens the gateway to the sub-conscious portion of the mind and promotes positive change more rapidly and effectively than other forms of therapy. It is a way of bypassing the internal mental obstacles that each person, knowingly or unknowingly, erects for themselves.

Maui has many fine hypnotherapists willing to help your child deal with the frustrations they experience. With the opening of the Hypnotherapy Institute of Maui, the growth of this healing modality is assured.

Give your children the opportunity to address some of the obstacles of childhood development without the use of prescribed drugs. Allow your child the chance to improve their classroom and extracurricular activities utilizing their own inner creative powers. They will surprise themselves, their friends and maybe even their parents.