Each fall when school begins, a growing number of school-aged children do not head off to a classroom. Instead, they learn at home with their families or with other children in their communities. Homeschooling takes many forms, from a daily routine following a scheduled curriculum to child-led learning in which parents supervise and help. Choosing to homeschool or to traditionally educate a child is often a difficult and confusing decision for parents and guardians…
(from the U.S. Department of Education)

A notice of intent must be submitted to the local school your child would be attending before you start homeschooling or you may choose to complete the State of Hawaii Form 4140 Exceptions to Compulsory Education. See the Department of Education for more information

Department of Education

https://doe.k12.hi.us/myschool/homeschool/ : DOE website for homeschooling with the Chapter 12 rules.

Hawai’i State Board of Education maintains an online document library with the latest version of Chapter 12, “Compulsory Attendance Exceptions.”


An ONLINE FREE tuition PUBLIC school avail here in Hawaii. K¹² is America’s largest provider of online education for grades k-12th grade or individual classes can be purchased. Because they’re part of the public school system, Online Public Schools are always tuition free. The entire curriculum is provided free of charge, and in many cases a loaner computer, printer, and Internet access* are also provided. *Loaner computers, printers, and Internet access aren’t provided in every school. https://www.k12.com/

Get Your FREE k12 info kit: https://go.k12.com/corporate/infokit/

Watch a Video overview:  https://www.k12.com/video/what-is-online-school

There are 2 schools that use the K12 program that Maui homeschoolers can enroll in:

Kihei Charter School  (808) 875-0700

Hawaii Technology Academy (808) 676 5444  Website: https://www.k12.com/hta#.U3KA4q1dWyg 

Homeschool Adventure

Program for Parents and Youngsters (HAPPY)

  • (808) 242-8225
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Contact:
    • Gail Nagasako
    • 1360 Hiahia Street
    • Wailuku, HI 96793
    • www.gailnagasako.com

Christian Home Educators of Maui (CHEM)


PO Box 188 Lahaina HI 96767
[email protected]

CHEM is an association of like-minded families united to share information and provide support for Christian home schoolers in their endeavor to raise godly children to the glory of God. Support may include prayer, encouragement, sharing ideas and resources, passing on information about changes in the political/legal situations, and organizing enrichment activities such as periodic parent meetings, mom’s night out, educational field trips, family gatherings, workshops, project fairs, and other special events. These events will overlap in some instances and will naturally take place within small groups and one on one, as well as in large groups. It is the hope of CHEM that each member will take initiative in both seeking and extending support.

The leadership is made up of volunteers who help plan monthly meetings, organize field trips, and serve in various activities, among other things. Communication is maintained through email or by phone. Attending events is a good way to meet or get to know members. All activities are reserved for CHEM members except for parent meetings which are open to interested families.

Maui Homeschool Friends

Maui Homeschool Friends is an all inclusive group where ALL homeschooling and unschooling families on Maui can unite. Their goal is to serve families who choose to homeschool by networking through information, conversation, activities, classes, field trips, and more. They have a friendly, caring group of people who want to meet others!MHF is a group that gives their families the ability to share interests, homeschooling ideas, co-op classes, outings, etc.. MHF itself does not organize or sponsor any classes, events, field trips, etc., but many of their members organize these activities and share them with the group. They are fortunate to have a few amazing sponsors which enable MHF to contribute to some of these events when needed.Members have very diverse backgrounds, political and religious beliefs and family compositions. They all have differing ideas of what homeschooling should be. They welcome EVERYONE. Their goal is to treat each other with respect and kindness and to make everyone feel included. They believe everyone brings something valuable to the group and they encourage others to make their voices heard!

They believe that spreading knowledge is beneficial to all, so they share their homeschool information and field trip opportunities with other homeschool groups on Maui. There is power in numbers, and together, the opportunities are endless!

Although they provide resources, information, friendship, socialization, field trip opportunities etc…, parents are responsible for making their own decisions regarding the education and activities of their children. Parents or guardians must be present at all events in which the child takes place.