holiday-w_-new-baby-1If you have a new baby during the holidays, you may be torn between keeping traditions and catching up on some much needed sleep. As you prepare for the holidays with a new baby, these tips may help alleviate unnecessary pressure from your life, allowing you to still enjoy the season.

Set low expectations. The holidays can be filled with astounding expectations. Couple that with a new baby and stress levels may escalate. Nip those expectations in the bud by setting low expectations for yourself and others. Focus on caring for your baby and yourself first, and then if you are able to do a fun outing or event, consider it a bonus rather than a must.

Don’t overcommit. Instead of accepting every holiday party invitation, simply let the host know that you will make an effort to attend but cannot commit at this time since the baby is still so young.

Go with the flow. Keep your routine with your baby; but when there are additional activities, just go with the flow of the day and do what works best for you and your family. Let your family know you need a slow morning at home and will be part of the festivities once your routines with the baby are complete.

Maintain your sleep pattern as you are able. Getting enough rest is key to good health and mental function. While you may be tempted to extend your late night hours for visitors, if it interrupts the rest you need it could be detrimental to your overall health.

Choose one tradition that works easily with a newborn. Traditions are fun ways to stay connected with family. Pick one to try with your new baby and enjoy it! Know that you can always add more traditions in the coming years.

Skip cooking for the crowds. Keeping the baby fed and cared for is your main priority. Feeding 20 people is not.

Ask family to come see you. Leaving the house with a new baby can be a challenge. Ask your ‘ohana to come see you at home instead. Perhaps they can bring a meal as well? Accepting help during the new baby phase is essential.