water balloon

Summertime is ripe for a party! Don’t worry about an occassion, just have the kids help plan the fun!

While Maui is pretty gorgeous year-round, there’s something about summer that just calls for a party. The sun is hot, the water is warm and there’s no school the next day. Hooray!

Parties are so much more fun when they have a theme. Here are three ideas to help you get your party on this summer.

Movie Under the Stars

With warm(er) summer nights, it’s the perfect time to have an outdoor movie party that doesn’t break the budget. Sure, you could rent a blow up movie screen but you can also use a large white bed sheet hung on the side of your house or in between two trees outside.

Throw down some towels or blankets and large pillows (you can have each guest bring their own pillow), pop some popcorn, have a huge tub filled with drinks and hand out fun candy snack bags for each guest as they arrive.

Make the movie a summer flick such as Finding Nemo, Surf’s Up or an old classic like Gidget.

Sand Castle Fun

A sand castle themed party is pretty simple to do and is perfect for the Maui babes. Just gather a ton of buckets and sand molds (or make it BYO-Toys), and let them have at it.

You can have a contest for whoever has the biggest, craziest, or tallest sand castle. Make it a theme by serving lunch in a sand bucket (that they can use later to build that castle) and send them home with a goodie bag that’s filled with construction themed little toys.

Be sure to have a sunscreen “bar” to keep the kiddos sun-safe and plenty of drinks to keep them hydrated from all that fun.

Classic Games

There are just some games that scream summertime. Make it a backyard extravaganza with fun and timeless games for the kids to take part in. Go old school with these fun ideas…

A water balloon fight

A slip in slide contest (there’s always extra points for a little spin-action)

A super soaker fight (create targets so they aren’t always shooting at each other)

Bean bag tosses

A good ol’ game of bocce ball or horse shoes

Twister on the grass – spray paint a twister board onto the grass and have some fun

Complete this old school party with a classic b-b-q of hot dogs, hamburgers, lemonade and fruit on a stick! SB