Getting the wiggles out is an important element of any child’s life. But in today’s device-centric world, encouraging keiki to move their bodies is even more vital for their well-being and for their caregivers! Read on if you’re looking for ideas to inspire your child to release tension, take a break from schoolwork, or just exercise.

Get some air on your trampoline! Jumping on your backyard trampoline is an excellent way to release pent-up physical energy. A light cardio brings up the heart rate and circulates the blood. Why not join your keiki in the fun and chase them around in circles, or simply hold hands and jump together? As long as the zipper on the safety net is closed you are good to jump to your heart’s content.

Play hopscotch. Grab some colorful chalk and head to a paved or cemented stretch on your driveway. Write numbers in each square or customize your own hopscotch with pictures or letters. The simple activity of jumping and hopping might prove to be the perfect reinvigorating break for your toddler or keiki.

Collect shells. Take advantage of the beautiful beaches around Maui with a shell collecting challenge. Gather some buckets of your choice, and set a goal for types or amounts of shells to be collected. To pick up the pace, set a timer and have kids race around in teams. At the end of the activity, feel free to leave the shells where they belong – on our beaches!

Dance to the music. Put on your keiki’s favorite music and let them dance (and sing) to get the wiggles out. As they swing their hips and pump their fists to the rhythm, their coordination and aerobic fitness also get a workout.

Play “Tutu Says.” Just like Simon Says, this fun, Hawaiian version can be played inside or outdoors. Want to make it more fun and introduce more movement? Tutu might say “run back and forth five times to the nearest mango tree” in your yard. Choose a variety of commands that involve movement, and let Tutu do all the saying!

Help your keiki become calm and centered by making time for some physical movement. Whether it’s a simple game in the yard, on the beach, or indoors, all it takes is a little creativity and thought to make a difference in their day. —RG