We’ve just spent the better part of this year being battered to our core. Name anything (work, school, family, health, community) and it’s likely been turned upside down. 

With the new year, come new beginnings and a perfect time to reclaim our lives. Here are ways to recharge for the new year:

Seek out the good stuff that fills you up. Talking to old friends that know you better than anyone. Pursuing a dream. Great books and music. Remember those interests and routines you set aside amid the chaotic year and fight hard to make time and space for them. 

Find your way back to wellness. If you’ve spent the pandemic shoveling ice cream in your mouth, you’re not alone. When you’re ready to pull out of your dairy-induced coma, bring back the good choices that will keep you healthy and strong into the new year.

Learn a dance. Dancing in your kitchen is always a good idea. But, when was the last time you tried to follow choreography? Challenge yourself to dive into it and get your mind and body moving again. Try YouTube for ideas or sign up for a class on the island.

Shout your heart out. A friend recently asked on social media, “HIT YOUR CAPS AND TELL ME WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND.” Expressing our frustrations and laughing among friends can do wonders for healing.

Plan a trip. Travel is transformative. Although it may seem crazy right now, there are options depending on your level of comfort. Plan a staycation. Go camping. Explore anything that pulls you out of your routine and into a brand new perspective.

Find your inner kid. That unabashed, curious and playful state does wonders for a stressed mind and depleted body. Build a gigantic sand castle. Jump on the trampoline. Release yourself from overthinking and steal away with your kid’s Lego set.

Make something. There’s nothing more satisfying than creating something with your hands. Plant a container garden. Draft a pattern for a dress. Bake a triple layer cake. Bringing something to life in turn brings you to life.

The new year is upon us, and anything is possible.