One of the fastest ways to switch out of overwhelm and stress is to focus on what you are grateful for. It’s a great tool to teach your kids at a young age, and as with almost everything, they will do what they see you doing. 

Here’s a simple idea to bring the practice of gratitude into your daily lives in a tangible way.

As you go through your day, gather symbols of the gifts of your life. Maybe you are in the forest with your family and you come across a pine cone or a special leaf. Gather one that will remind you of the time you spent there, on that day. At the beach, you may find a piece of driftwood or a shell resting in the sand. 

The trick is to pay attention to what is around when you remember to invite gratitude in. Gather what will bring that moment alive for you again. It could be something physical, or it may be a color that you see or an expression on your child’s face. Find a representation of that color or that expression. It could be a photo, or even a piece of paper colored in with that particular shade of blue the sky was that day.

As you gather the treasured reminders of gratitude, make a special place for them in your home. You could make a place for them at the center of your table, where you can see them and remember them at meal times, or you could have a shelf that you pass by daily so you are sparked by the special memories.

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Around the holidays, gather all of your gratitude reminders together. Get a wire or straw wreath form for the backing and gather some simple evergreen boughs or green ti leaf. You will also want floral wire, (a hot glue gun is great too if you have older children.) Create a base for your wreath by wrapping it with greens and then incorporate your treasures, talking about the times you had while gathering them. 

When you gather gratitude for both the grand and the mundane, you remember that in the quietest moments, and even in the midst of chaos, there are still treasures of your life to be grateful for. 

Kalia Kelmenson is the creator of Maui Mind and Body. She supports women in having the energy they want, the vitality they crave and connecting to the adventure that is their life.

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