Set a table that inspires lingering after a meal and unlocks stories that are aching to be told.

A Dash of Dazzle

Let color reign supreme as you mix and match colors of glassware, or choose one tone that’s your favorite. Âme Paris Maui ($16 and up)

Floral Fun

Create a base of tropical beauty with Table Runners made of bark cloth. Pick a print that lands you right where you want to be. Mau Potpourri ($45-$49)

Clear (the) Table

Almost too pretty to eat on, these epoxy-coated, work-of-art tables from the wife-husband team at Little House on Maui will set the tone for your decor decisions. Little House on Maui ($580)

Custom Tableware

Colors from mother nature’s palette bring a sense of life to hand thrown dishes. Start with a set of mugs or commission an entire table setting to create a grounded tone for your meals. Long Summer Ceramics (prices vary).

Savor the Flavor

Strategically place tins of various flavored salt around the table, or set sampler gift boxes at each place setting for a flavorful take-home treat for your guests. Sea Salts of Hawaii ($23.95)

Scented Complement

Choose a classic, nature, or tropical essential oil  scented tea light that will complement your meal. Made to burn clean, Maui girl founder and creator pours each soy wax batch by hand. Artful Scents ($8)

An Exotic Beauty

Create a visual menagerie with live orchid plants on the table. If you’re good to them, they can bloom for months, and given the proper care, they’ll rest and rebloom later in the year. Maui Orchid Whisperer. (prices vary)

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