If you have ever asked a child what their favorite is, you have seen how that simple question sparks intense interest. Kids love to talk favorites – favorite color, favorite food, favorite activity. And when they discover how a favorite of yours matches a favorite of theirs, there’s instant connection!

But favorites don’t work just with kids. Think about the last time you met another fan of your team or someone who loves the same author you do. You probably hit it off with them right away.

Tap in to the power of favorites for building bonds within your family or for strengthening ties with friends. The topics about which you can talk favorites are nearly limitless.

What’s your favorite…

  1. Animal
  2. Pet
  3. Song
  4. Musician
  5. Type of music
  6. Quiet activity
  7. Loud activity
  8. Recess activity
  9. Season
  10. Month
  11. Holiday
  12. Vacation
  13. Alone time activity
  14. Gift you ever got
  15. Sport
  16. Sports team
  17. Athlete
  18. Meal of the day
  19. Breakfast food
  20. Dinner food
  21. Dessert
  22. Flavor of ice cream
  23. Candy
  24. Book
  25. Author
  26. Vehicle
  27. Means of transportation
  28. Place to visit
  29. Museum
  30. Movie
  31. Actor
  32. Character in a movie or book
  33. Thing to do with a friend
  34. Color
  35. Time of day
  36. Way to fall asleep
  37. Way to wake up
  38. Game
  39. Carnival attraction
  40. Musical instrument
  41. Person to visit
  42. Summer food
  43. Fall food
  44. Winter food
  45. Spring food
  46. Flower or plant
  47. Toy
  48. Playground equipment
  49. Teacher
  50. Number

Famous Favorites

Every so often a celebrity or national figure becomes known for a favorite. Here are a few you may recognize:

President Ronald Reagan – Jelly Belly jelly beans
Prince – the color purple
Dwight Eisenhower – the movie High Noon
Spike Lee – the New York Knicks
Taylor Swift – cats
Jay Leno – exotic cars
Paris Hilton & Zsa Zsa Gabor – tiny dogs