Tips for Keeping Your Marriage STRONG

marriageAlways keeping in tune with your partner can be a tough task. Between children and work, bills and life’s happenings, a marriage can fall flat, become stressful or worse, be ignored. When a marriage becomes weakened by everyday life or isn’t fed properly, the entire family can feel it. All marriages have many peaks, valleys and just plain old flat lands, but keeping it strong could be as simple as sharing alone time, goals and dreams.

Just like on an airplane where you’re supposed to put your mask on first so that you can then be awake to help your child with theirs, the same goes for marriage. If you are strong as a couple, you can be stronger as parents. Be sure to give one another time and attention, and carve out alone time with your partner.

Alone time doesn’t mean that you have to bring out the candles or romance. While that’s a nice treat too, alone time can be as simple as taking one night a week to turn off the television after the kids have gone to bed and spend it talking about what’s happening in your life. Or use this time to have fun and talk about your goals and dreams, together.

After having children, many marriages can start to go on autopilot. Things get safe, and can get stagnant. Make time to talk about your five-year plan, your next vacation, or how you want to paint the living room. Create goals and dreams together and talk about how you are going to achieve them. Being on the same page about where you want to go and what each of you wants to accomplish creates unity and can help keep a marriage strong.