Photo Courtesy of Kids Parties Maui

By Marissa Molina

Celebrating your child’s special moments has a profound impact on their social, cognitive, and developmental growth. 

Socially, celebrating your child teaches them how to react socially and gives their peers an opportunity to see them outside of school. Hosting a safe group party boosts their social confidence and strengthens relationships, giving them a sense of belonging and worth. Celebrating their identity and interests through themes, cakes, and games creates lasting positivity and joy. They will remember who celebrated them and how those people made them feel.

Cognitively, celebrating your child for who they are, rather than achievement or accomplishment, leaves a lasting positive memory. Birthdays give them something exciting to look forward to and also teach them about the passage of time. Fortunately, time is an experience. With every passing year, there is another candle to mark their time and that can give them the opportunity to learn about seasons, months, dates, and years. These moments allow parents to cherish, honor, and celebrate with their children. As children get older, they develop a sense of responsibility and the motivation to achieve more.

Constructively, involving children in the celebration helps them understand the purpose behind celebrating and honoring others. Learning is more often than not a social process. Through these experiences, children gain knowledge, self-awareness, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work together. “Show me and I’ll forget. Tell me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll Understand.”

Ultimately, celebrating your child’s birthday brings them happiness, which is every parent’s desire. Birthdays are more than just cakes and desserts; It’s their day, their big day to be who they are.

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  • Lahaina Loft, Island Art Party, Fun Factory Maui, and Ultimate Air Maui for venues.