Many of us have friends and family who live either on another island or on the mainland. Here are five fun ways to help your keiki stay in touch with far away family.

Create flashcards with family members’ photos and names on them. This is fun and helps your little one stay connected to their family even when years may pass since a visit.

Frame it. Make sure you have photos of friends and family who live afar away in your home so that they are an everyday occurrence for your kids. Photos have a great way of opening the door to sharing memories and stories that your little ones will love too.

Set weekly chats via skype or facetime. Most computers now come with a video camera. If yours doesn’t, go grab a webcam for as little as $20.

Postcard pals. Get your child to start writing postcards to his cousins. This is a great way to share where they live and postcards are small enough for new writers to write just a few sentences.

Start an online journal or blog. You can create free family sites via or with little to no hassle. You can also make it completely private so only family members who you share it with can find you and see photos.