The SAT is an assessment authored by the COLLEGE BOARD which measures reasoning and critical thinking skills in three key academic areas:  math, critical reading and writing.  The SAT usually predicts how well you are likely to do in college.  It also reflects skills and knowledge students have developed in their high school course work.

Some say that the SAT is mainly a test of how good you are at taking standardized tests.  For instance, this test penalizes students for wrong answers.  But the good news is that the test can be taken several times, so the best scores are used for admission criteria.  Together with your grades, teacher recommendations, extra-curricular activities and application essay, the SAT completes your college admission requirements.

Many SAT/PSAT preparation courses are available.  A good course will empower you to reach your potential.

The Learning Center of Maui’s new SAT course provides the skills, strategies and practice necessary for success on the new test.  The student manual is the most effective and comprehensive preparation tool available.  Students are introduced to each concept, step by step, beginning with the most basic skills, progressing to practice with each concept, and finally advancing to full-length SAT-style questions.

Each of the sections of  the course book is dedicated to skills and strategies for the different topics and question types.  A scaffold approach is used to build student’s skills throughout the math, critical reading and writing sections of the book.  Within these major sections, topics are given their own chapters and homework sections, allowing students to focus on the concepts they need most.

Each section is introduced  to the student, thus providing a clear understanding of the test format and the general test taking strategies needed to succeed in that section.


• Be Prepared and Be Positive!!

• Listen and ask questions during your prep class.

• Focus on the things you don’t know.

• Study with a friend and use note cards.

• Think of the test as a way to show what you have learned.


• Get a good night’s sleep.

• Have a healthy breakfast.

• Know where to go and have all your supplies.

• Listen to and read all directions carefully.

• Fill in the answer spaces completely.

• Skip questions you aren’t sure of and go back later.

• Make sure you are answering in the correct space on your answer sheet.

• Pace yourself and do your best!

The SAT is an important element in the college admissions game.  This time, it’s not WHO you know, but WHAT you know.  ARE YOU READY TO PLAY THE GAME?


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