Ohana Martial Arts 877-5435 or 385-kick

Martial Arts Classes

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

3:30 -4:00pm lil dragons

4:00 – 4:45pm Beginner Basics

4:45 -5:30pm BBC

5:30 – 6:15pm Beginner Basics

6:15 -7:30pm BBC

Last Class BBC – Monday, Wing Chun, Wednesday, Escrima, Friday, Forms/Grappling

Tuesday and Thursday

4:00 -4:45pm BBC

4:45 -5:30pm Beginner Basics

5:30 -6:30pm Beginner Basics

6:30 -7:30pm BBC

Last Class BBC Tuesday, Pads, Thursday, Sparring


9:00 -10:00am Red and Black belts

10:00 -11:00am BBC Open

11am – 12pm beginner Basics