Maui Center for Child Development- Summer 2011 Programs

Opened in 2003 by Kiegan Blake OT, Maui Center for Child Development has carved out a unique niche in Hawaii; we are known throughout the islands for creating results with our highly specialized therapies, state of the art equipment & expert staff.  This summer, we will be offering innovative, fun and effective classes that address specific behaviors, challenges or areas of need.  Our occupational and speech therapists prepare children for school success by engaging them with a refreshing approach to Reading and Writing Classes.  Communication and friendship skills will flourish in our selection of Social Skills Groups, including a siblings group, a support group for siblings of kids with special needs as well as customized groups for kids on the autism spectrum.  Our Balance and Coordination Class will help boost children’s success at PE, recess and sports.  Active kids learn to calm their bodies and self-regulate in our popular Alert Program.  We will continue to offer individual Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Parent Education for challenging behaviors, Counseling, Autism Consultation and Skills Training Services.


Maui Center for Child Development  (808) 873-7700

244 Papa Place, Suite 102

Maui Center for Child Development offers individual occupational and speech therapy sessions, counseling for kids and behavior management services for children and families all year long. We specialize in sensory processing, motor coordination, feeding, behavior, communication, coping and social skills. For more information please call us at (808) 873-7700 or email us at

Intensive Reading & Writing Skills Program

244 Papa Place, Suite 102

2 week intensives starting week of June 14 through August.

Daily for 2 hours for 2 week intensives

Morning & afternoons

Grade 2 to grade 5, individual or small group (2-4)

Assessment and classes by a trained speech therapist.  The program is based on The National Reading Panel’s Put Reading First (2001) findings and the nationally recognized START-IN program.  Each session will incorporate 14 FUN reading and writing-focused skill building tasks!


Coping Skills for Children of Separation/ Divorce

June 13-17 & July 11-15 (5 day series)

Daily for 1 hour each session


Individual sessions

A fun and effective program by a trained pediatric clinical social worker to help children learn coping skills through a curriculum, a workbook and specific child- oriented activities.  Workbook material and strategies given to parents as well! $75/session.


“Just Write It!” Handwriting Program (Printing & Cursive)

6 week series at 1x/week starting week of June 6 through August.

Tuesday and Thursday


manuscript and cursive, elementary to high school; individual and small group (2-4 students)

A FUN & physical 6 session program by a trained occupational therapist to improve your child’s printing or cursive writing and be a more successful student!  Based on the nationally recognized program “Getting it Write” developed by occupational therapists.   Includes fun activities to strengthen upper body, improve pencil grasp and learn to form letters more easily and legibly!


Support Group for Siblings of Children with Special Needs

Starting week of June 14 through the first week of August

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays

1 to 3:30pm

Grades K-2 / 3-5; small group (2-4)

Support Group for children with a sibling with special needs based from the book, Sibshops by Donald J. Meyer.  Your child will be able to understand their sibling’s diagnosis, express their feelings about being a sibling to a child with special needs and create new friendships with peers in similar situation!  Facilitated by an experienced children’s counselor.


Sibling Groups

Starting week of June 14 through the first week of August

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays

1 to 3:30pm

Grades K-2 / 3-5 (small group, 2-6)

Do you experience more sibling rivalry than brotherly/sisterly love in your home?  This is a group for siblings to attend together to learn to play cooperatively with each other, appreciate and respect each other and communicate effectively together.  Facilitated by an experienced children’s counselor.  Small group size.

Learn Skills to be a Better Friend!

Starting week of June 14 through the first week of August

Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday

9:30 to 12:00

Grades K-2 / 3-5; small group (2-4)

Your child will develop strategies to listen, communicate, problem solve, negotiate and develop good sportsmanship with peers through FUN, facilitated group activities by a behavior specialist.


The Body Engine Program: Kids Learn to Self-Regulate!

June through August

6 week series at 1x/week

Grades K-2 / 3-5 (small group 2-4)

A 6 session program by a trained occupational therapist to help kids learn skills and strategies to self-calm.  This is particularly good for high activity children and includes handouts for parents.


Sensory Movement Program

June through August

Call or email for days and times

Grades K-2 / 3-5; small group (2-4)

A dynamic movement-oriented class focused on awareness of personal space, interpersonal skills, coping strategies & awareness of ideas and feelings of others!


Behavior Management Strategies for kids and their caregivers!

June through August

Monday through Friday

1-2 hours sessions in home/community setting

Toddler through grade 5

Individualized sessions with child and family (siblings too!) to develop strategies for changing challenging behavior patterns at home or in the community & creating positive behavioral momentum!  Sessions are with our behavioral specialist and are $75/hour (this includes travel to and from your home/community setting).