An Eye for the Exotic

Marvel at the multi-colored brilliance of a Turkish Mosaic Lamp. It will add delight to any corner. Wings Hawaii ($120)

No Rain, No Rainbows

The darling Rainbow Candle will spread a smile on everyone’s face. Ame Paris Maui ($32).

Set the Intention

Bring a little magic into your relationships with the Wick Clear Communication Ritual Kit. Wick Apothecary ($48).

Lit Up(cycled)

The VW surf van lantern will take you on a nostalgic journey to the ‘good old days.’ Lahaina Candle Company ($55).

Punched Out

This gorgeous pendant lamp is made with a durable, outdoor safe Tyvek material. The smaller versions are solar powered! Hue Maui ($110)

Crystal Clear

Set a candle inside this cluster of amethyst and delight in the warm lustre set off by the crystals. Driftwood ($80)