When you have multiple birthday parties to attend each year, look beyond the standard Lego set or doll and gift keiki with some new ideas that nurture their interests and honor their abilities.

Memberships. Sign up at one of the various organizations across the island like the Maui Ocean Center or the Maui Family YMCA to score perks for visits and classes.

Classes. Many options for keiki classes can be found in the magazine in your hands and if the keiki in your life would enjoy trying out a class, why not gift a day at an art class or dance class? 

Gift Cards. When in doubt, a gift card to the bookstore or a local shop is a great way to put the choice in their hands.

Tools. Whether your child likes to cook, play in the garden, or help build things, skip the toy, or plastic versions of tools and go for the real deal that they can treasure and use to hone their skills.

Adopt an animal. The Surfing Goat Dairy Farm or Leilani Farm Sanctuary offers ways to sponsor an animal which is a great gift for an animal lover.

A photo album or framed photo. Have your child pick their favorite photo with their friend and put it in a pretty frame or if they can’t just choose one, make an album.

Travel accessories. A small bag or suitcase will delight any child ready to get on a plane or take a new adventure.

Dress up clothes. Nurture their imaginations with items various options to play dress-up. 

A piggy bank or wallet. It’s never too early to teach kids how to save and handle money. Kids burst with pride when they can pay for things on their own.

Magazine or box subscription. Receiving mail is thrilling for kids, so give them a gift that keeps giving. Try National Geographic for Kids or educational boxes like KiwiCo. 

Movie tickets. What kid doesn’t love going to the movies? Hello, popcorn and candy! Buy a movie pass or two and let your keiki choose the flick.