CIRCUS INCOGNITUS, directeur artistique Jamie Adkins, lumiere Nicolas Descoteaux, costume Katrin Leblond, musique Lucie Cauchon, musicienne Anne-Marie Levasseur au Theatre de la Cite Internationale du 5 au 29 janvier 2012. Avec : Jamie Adkins (photo by Patrick Berger / ArtComArt)

Saturday, January 21st 2017
Castle Theater, 7:30 PM

In Circus Incognitus, virtuoso clown Jamie Adkins is the vulnerable everyman, who has just written a terrific show. He wanders onto stage with the new show in a box, delighted to find the audience ready waiting. Knowing he has just the thing, Jamie struggles to build the scene around him using everyday objects. Things go awry as his props prove most unhelpful: his ladder disintegrates under foot! He wrangles an animated chair, tussles with a pesky hat, negotiates a precarious slack wire and juggles almost everything. Theatre goers even get involved in the endeavor by tossing lemons for Jamie to catch on a fork…held between his teeth! An expert at comedy born of desperation, Jamie’s performance is humble and unguarded. Adkins deftly escorts the audience along his poetic journey with sidesplitting for audiences of all ages. Tickets: $35 (plus applicable fees)