Hawaii Technology Academy (HTA), a tuition-free public charter school with statewide campuses, recently acquired a new campus space located in a flourishing area in Kihei. In the front of the building, keiki play on large green lawns and trees provide shade for students who are enjoying their meals at lunchtime and laughing with friends.

While construction of the new space is still underway, students and faculty are already enjoying all that the new campus has to offer. When completed, the site will include spacious classrooms for elementary, middle, and high school students, a library, science lab, Mindfulness Lounge, and makerspace for collaborative learning.

HTA’s Maui Campus currently serves grades K-12 and offers a unique blended learning model: a combination of face-to-face, virtual, and independent instruction. Traditionally, HTA has operated as a five-day-a-week educational model. Students come to campus on face-to-face days, students study on their own or engage in Field Studies on independent instruction days, and teachers conduct online lessons on virtual class days. Because students spend some days learning at home, the role of the Learning Coach (HTA’s term for parents and guardians) holds great importance. Parents are highly involved in their student’s academic life, resulting in strong parent-teacher relationships that are a valued part of HTA’s school culture.

HTA’s innovative programs set students up for success. Teachers incorporate career-based and project-based learning in their curriculum, allowing students to acquire deeper knowledge and skill sets through valuable hands-on experiences. From internships and community partnerships, students practice and develop their HTA CORES: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Character. Keiki are given the tools to create their own paths in life.

HTA is hopeful that construction of its new Kihei campus will be completed by the end of the school year and ready for opening in August 2022. If you are interested in learning more about HTA’s New Student Enrollment, please visit: https://hi.myhta.org/enrollment-information.html.