trick or treat

If you would like to throw your own Halloween party, here are a few kid-friendly and budget-friendly ideas for your celebration:

  • Create a fun Halloween music list. Some kid-friendly ideas include “The Monster Mash,” “Thriller,” “I Put A Spell On You,” “Ghostbusters” theme song, “Love Potion Number 9,” “Flying Purple People Eater,” and “Addams Family” theme song.
  • Make Candy Corn Punch. Ingredients include: Fanta, orange juice and pineapple chunks. Instructions: Freeze orange juice with pineapple chunks in ice cube trays. Place frozen juice cubes in a cup. Pour cold Fanta over the top. Top with whipped cream and a candy corn piece. Serve immediately.
  • Play “Pin the Spider on the Web.” It’s the same concept as the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.” You can print or create a web to hang on the wall. Then print out and cut an image of a spider. Adhere tacky putty to the back of the spider to make pinning easy.
  • Make Lollipop Ghosts. Supplies needed to make this treat include: facial tissues, round lollipops, black permanent marker, tiny hair elastics, and thin orange and black ribbon. Instructions: First you will need to use one full-size tissue, and another tissue that has been cut into quarters. Put the quartered tissue in the center of the full sized tissue, and put the lollipop in the middle. Bunch up the tissue over the lollipop and stretch the elastic over it to hold it all in place. Use the tip of the black permanent marker to make dots for the eyes. (Note: ink bleeding may occur, so press the marker lightly when drawing the eyes.) Tie the black and orange ribbon around the lollipop to add a bit of color.
  • Create a self-serve Caramel Apple Bar. Slice apples into wedges and insert a lollipop stick into one end. (Note: to prevent apples from turning brown, dip apple wedges in a carbonated drink like ginger, or simply squeeze lemon on them.) Serve with caramel dip, chocolate fondue, and various toppings. Let guests dip their apples into the caramel or chocolate; then top with chocolate chips, marshmallows, caramel bits, crumbled butterscotch pieces, coconut flakes, peanuts or other candies.