Creating traditions as a family builds a foundation that binds you across the years, the miles, even generations. Here are a few Halloween Traditions you can incorporate into your family’s life:

pumpkin 21. Visit a Local Pumpkin Patch. Kula Country Farms in Upcountry Maui is a wonderful spot to pick a pumpkin (or two). In addition to pumpkin picking, families can enjoy the annual scarecrow contest and the famous walk-through corn maze!

2. Decorate a pumpkin. After you go pumpkin picking, the real fun begins: decorating them! Be sure to check out our article on Kid Friendly Pumpkin Decorating for options other than just carving.

3. Make a D.I.Y. Costume. Help your keiki make their own costumes. Check Pinterest for many fun d.i.y. options. Often, with a little bit of creativity, you can use what you already have on hand to make a great costume! One year I made our boys “Dolphin Rescuers” by simply having them wear their board shorts and shirts that had a badge reading “Dolphin Rescuer,” while carrying their toy dolphins. It was the perfect last-minute costume!

4. Make a Halloween Treat. Kids love helping in the kitchen and here are some treats you can all enjoy. The first is Mini Caramel Apples: Use a melon baller to scoop out sections of the apple, put them on wax paper on a cookie sheet and push a lollipop stick through them; melt caramels, then once the caramel cools, dip the apples. Finally, enjoy! Recipes for

5. Attend an Alternative Halloween Celebration. Local schools and churches offer Fall activities, such as “Trunk or Treat” events where cars are decorated & trunks are filled with candy and goodies. Fall Festivals are another less scary option for those looking for alternative ways to celebrate in the community. JP