As a new mom, meeting like-minded women can be challenging. Being a mom is the most wonderful experience, but can feel isolating and overwhelming at times. Fit4Mom Maui is here for you, Mama! Having a strong support network of fellow mothers to journey with is key, celebrating wins and conquering the hard times together.

Fit4Mom Maui is so much more than pre and postnatal fitness programs. You will meet incredible women and develop strong relationships through their weekly workouts, playgroups, Mom’s Night’s Out, and organized events. They help moms feel empowered in mind, body, and soul as well as instilling positive self-care and exercise values in our little ones. Their certified Instructor mamas provide quality workouts for mom while incorporating fun songs and activities for the kiddos. Fit4Mom Maui believes in the Strength of Motherhood and strives for each mom to feel strong, supported, and loved.

You got this, Mama!