With summer comes less rain, more sunlight and even better temps. All of that means that it’s the perfect time for a family camping trip!Here are some of the things to look for to help make planning for a family camping trip easiercamping

Check out the site

Does the site have bathrooms? Or showers? Or running water?

These things can make a huge difference on what you bring and how you prepare for your trip. Bring more water than you need so you can use it to brush your teeth, clean the dishes and of course drink.

No bathroom? Have a way to make it easy for the little ones. You may want to grab a cheap toilet training potty for them. It’ll be much easier than having them squat the whole time.

Are there barbeques to cook on?

If there aren’t any barbeques you’ll have to bring your own. This can also change up the menu for your camping trip as you plan things.

Do you need a camping permit? Or is camping even allowed?

Always check for signs to be sure that you are ok to camp there or that you have any paperwork and permits to camp in a certain locations. Be mindful of their fire rules – do they allow bonfires to roast those marshmallows?

Pay attention to temperatures

Nighttime can get cold in upcountry while at the beach it may stay pretty mild. Do your homework and pack accordingly. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it will stay hot all night long.

Maui Family Magazines Top Camping Tips

       Bring baby wipes – these can wash hands and faces and other body parts when a shower isn’t on the agenda.

       Remember those trash bags – Never leave trash and try to leave your camping spot nicer than when you got there.

       Don’t forget the camera – capturing dirty camping memories is a must!

       Always have music – don’t forget a speaker for your iPod. Music makes any camping trip complete. SB